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What are Visa Weddings? A wedding that results from a visa being granted after Graham has assisted the couple with a special letter, to explain to the Department that issues Visa's, that you plan to get married on a certain date, time and location, have lodged the Notice of Intended Marriage and paid a booking fee. This is usually in response to a request by yourself to apply for a Prospective Spouse Visa or a Fiance Visa.

If you want to get married in Australia, and are not applying for a Visa, the following will apply for you as well. I have married couples from many countries of the world who are just passing through on holiday (often meeting up with friends or family), or getting married here to start their honeymoon here, or are here on a working holiday. Just you do not need my special letter for a Visa that is all.

I will guide you (with plenty of experience) through the whole process.

So contact Graham right now to start the ball rolling   or 08 9456 3131

Please note: I am not an expert on the Visa applications. I am expert on the marriage/weddings side of things. As such I cannot give you any advice about the Visas or Visa applications.

Current Prices For any time except Saturday afternoons    $370 AUD Saturday afternoons 
$420 AUD

The Ceremony

Like all ceremonies that I conduct, you can have the ceremony that you want - short and sweet, traditional, or contemporary. You make the ceremony up so I know that is what you want. I will provide you with a lot of support and ideas for the actual ceremony after you have your visa.

The Legal Bits

Almost any eligible person can get married in Australia. The process is quite straight forward. You do not have to be Australian citizens. See my testimonials from some previous Visa weddings, and from couples where neither have been an Australian citizen. See separate sheet with details on.

Getting married in Australia is quite straight forward. You simply have to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NIM) with me at least one month and one day before you get married. If you are unable to have me witness your signatures , there is a list of people on page 4 who are authorised to do this, so you can get a person with that title to witness your signatures. Then send it off to me.

The sooner I get the NIM, the sooner you get that all important letter to assist with your application.

So contact Graham right now to start the ball rolling   or 08 9456 3131

Australia has a "very friendly" approach to people planning to get married. Friendly as they do not impose silly impediments to getting married. So to get married in Australia one has to satisfy the following conditions - see checklist below.

You will need to - before you get married in Australia -

Lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage At least one month and one day before you get married. This date starts when you either fax the NIM to me or I receive it in the post or in person. ONLY ONE Person needs to sign the NIM initially to be able to LODGE it with Graham. You lodge the NIM with Graham, who holds onto it until you are married, then he passes it onto the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages to register your wedding.
Prove your identity and age Non Australian Passport ( that is any passport other than an Australian passport) or Official Birth Certificate or original Extract of Birth Certificate. Remember these must be the original documents. I only have to sight them.
Prove you are not married and are free to marry if you have been married before you need to provide official Certificate of Divorce, or Death certificate of spouse, or Court Certificate nullifying the previous marriage.

 If you have not been married before just tell me and you have to sign a Statutory declaration just before you marry to confirm that this is true. We do not require a proof of Marriage certificate here in Australia

Prove your current name if your name is different to your birth name - I need to sight an official Change of Name certificate, or Divorce or Death  Certificate.

If you cannot provide some or all of the above details we are allowed to ask you to provide a separate Statutory Declaration as to the details. This applies to where the information is NOT available to a person eg through displacement or war. Normally, not having enough time is not a reason for using a Statutory Declaration.

Other things to consider

Note 1 - both parties need to understand the ceremony. So an interpreter may be required. It does not have to be an 'official' interpreter but it has to be a person who is conversant in both languages used at the ceremony. The interpreter will need to sign a declaration to this effect. Click here for a list of official interpreters in Australia

Note 2 - in Australia we do not generally require Apostile's or Proof of Never Having Been Married. However if in doubt - please enquire.

Note 3 - if you are unable to provide some of the above proof, then please contact Graham as soon as you can.

Also - you need to have the witnessed Notice of Intended Marriages to me at least one month and one day before you plan to get married. This can be by fax from anywhere in the world, and then posted to me by registered mail


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 So contact Graham right now to start the ball rolling   or 08 9456 3131
Contact Graham to get obligation free advice about the wedding side of Visa Weddings.

Where can you get married in Perth. Just about anywhere - have a look.
See many many sites around Perth as well
Overlooking Perth In a chapel On a beach at one of our resorts
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At a Private centre or another style or a free venue or get all dressed up.
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Questions and Answers.

Questions Answers
Can I marry my non Australian fiance without a Fiance Visa? YES.
An overseas citizen may travel to Australia (on a normal travel visa) and marry an Australian citizen without having a specific fiancÚ visa but  it might still be necessary to leave Australia and apply for  permanent residence when that visa expires. You should discuss your personal circumstances with DIMIA so that you are not disadvantaged in any way by the rules of immigration.
Does my fiance have to sign the NIM before it is lodged with the celebrant? NO.
It is required that firstly the couple lodge a Notice of Intent to Marry (NIM) with Graham the celebrant. If it is not possible for both persons to sign the NIM it may be lodged with just one signature and for the second person to sign the form when you meet face-to-face with the Graham at a later date before the marriage.
Do we need a Marriage Licence to get married in Australia? NO.
All that is required is that the couple lodge a Notice of Intent to Marry (NIM) with Graham the celebrant as indicated in the answer above.
Do we have to get married in the Registry Office? NO.
IN Australia we as Celebrants, Graham is but one, are appointed by the Attorney General's Office to conduct marriages according to law in Australia. The documents relating to the marriage are then submitted to the relevant State Government departments of Births Deaths and Marriages who register these marriages.

Occasionally couples are advised by DIMIA that it is necessary to show evidence from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages that a couple have lodged the NIM, but a letter from your celebrant (Graham Lambert) meets this requirement.
What if the Visa is not ready by the date we agreed upon? DON'T PANIC.
Simply contact Graham as soon as you are aware of the situation, and ask for another letter with a revised date of marriage.
What if I am in a hurry to get the Letter for my application? SIMPLE.
Get the NIM signed and lodged to Graham as soon as possible.
What if I am working through a Migration Agent? GREAT
They will guide you through the process. They are experts with Visa process. I am unable to give you any advice about visa applications I am sorry.
Do I need an Apostile for my documents from outside Australia? NO generally.
Normally these are required as evidence from Governments that documents are legitimate. If you are not able to provide original copies of documents you need, contact Graham as soon as possible.
Do I need a proof of Having Never Been Married certificate? NO
Generally this is not required in Australia. However you do need to sign a Statutory Declaration (Form 14) before you get married, that carries severe penalties for declaring false information.
Do I need an interpreter if I do not understand English well? YES.
Any person who signs the marriage certificate Bride, Groom or either witness must be able to fully understand the wedding ceremony that is said in English language. This means that an interpreter will be required if one party is unable to understand the ceremony well in English.
I am NOT an  Australian Citizen. Do I need to show you Both Birth Certificate and Passport? NO.
I need to sight evidence from your Non Australian valid Passport and record some details down. As you need this to get into Australia normally that should be sufficient. However if in doubt, contact Graham
Need information SIMPLE - contact graham immediately on
What is included for the price? I include in the fixed price :
All legal requirements being completed as per law (before, during, and after the ceremony).
            2. Lending you a Wedding Ceremony Guide to work out your ceremony
            3. Return travel to and from anywhere in the Perth Metropolitan area
            4. Provision of a signing table with nice cloth (if required)
            5. A presentation Marriage Certificate.
            6. Assistance with the ceremony words / structure if required. 
            8. A meeting/rehearsal prior to the wedding at my home.
            9. Ceremony on an agreed day, date and time.
            10. a nice suit and cravat or tie normally
            11. a good sense of humour
            12. a strong voice, but with a Public Address system if it is required
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Graham Lambert

Whether it be a small or large wedding ceremony - Just get Graham. I will lead you through the whole process and answer all you concerns.

If you find any errors on this page can you please let me know.

Links: - general page about applying for a Spouse, Partner or Fiancee Visa from DIMIA - Australian Migration and Citizenship services (Private Migration Agency located in Perth) - for information on Apostilles, and Authentications, about recognising the wedding certificates outside Australia. - for official translators and interpreters.


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